The craziest moment of your holiday! Get propelled over 100 mtrs at the speed of 160 km/h – all daredevils welcome!

The Slingshot is by far one of the most exciting vertical amusement rides around. Passengers are propelled over 100 meters at speeds up to 160 km/h an hour.

Up to two riders at a time lie on their backs and face the sky. Suddenly, they are propelled into the air at a mind-numbing speed, only to plummet back down to Earth and do it all over again! To put that in perspective, at the apex of your launch!

With a little bit of teamwork, you and your partner can get the circular capsule spinning in the air!

The Slingshot has a mounted video camera to show onlookers the experience and reactions of the riders. The videos are available to purchase after the ride.

Contact Details


SBT Head Office
Disco DGV
Sunny Beach East
Nessebar Municipality
Bourgas Region

Phone: +44 7388 267 457 (07388 267 457)


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