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Why should I choose the Sunny Beach party scene over all the other resorts?

Sunny Beach is the most talked about party holiday destination in Europe. Year on year the reputation of the Sunny Beach party scene is growing not just in the UK, but across Europe.

The nightlife in Sunny Beach is completely unique to other resorts for many reasons. A Sunny Beach party holiday will undoubtedly give you the best week of your lives and deliver you a tonne of memories, or maybe a lack of them, depending on how much you drink!

Here’s a few reasons why we’d recommend the Sunny Beach party scene and a Sunny Beach party holiday over some of the other resorts.


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how rich you are, everyone loves to save a bit of money. The Sunny Beach Party scene balances price and quality perfectly. You’ll get the super clubs with capacities into the thousands but you won’t have to pay the heart-breaking entry fees like you will in Ibiza. Entry into DGV, the biggest club in Sunny Beach is €10 – in Ibiza it’s ten times that price.

The holiday itself is always a good price. With so many travel companies flying to Sunny Beach, the competition is high, meaning the prices are low. You can get incredible flight & hotel deals from Jet2, TUI and Balkan Holidays or do it the modern way and buy your own flights and use to find a cheap hotel! Either way, a Sunny Beach party holiday will never disappoint.




Everyone’s on holiday for the same thing. We all want a bit of sun whilst having a week on the booze. Sunny Beach party holidays are attractive to youngsters from all over Europe and there’s a huge mix 18-30 year olds. There isn’t a better place to be when the World Cup Finals are on.

The amazing atmosphere an be seen everywhere, but, it’s most visible in DGV, the biggest club in Sunny Beach. A no-holds-barred club where anything goes. Considering the club’s slogan is “The only place where it’s allowed to dance naked on the bar’, you can imagine the antics that people get up to!




Seems obvious, right? The Sunny Beach is over 8km long. To the north is St Vlas, a marina with superyachts and amazing restaurants, the closest thing to Monte Carlo without being in Monte Carlo. To the south is the ancient town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A perfect place for your Instagram shots! In the middle of all that is the Sunny Beach. A Beach packed with bars, water sports, activities and even clubs voted in the top 100 in the world. You haven’t completed a Sunny Beach party holiday unless you try out Bedroom Beach.




Free entry into the biggest club in Sunny Beach, over 10 hours of free bar and all the tops events included in the ultimate Sunny Beach party package – look no further than the Gold Package.

Compared to other resorts, not only is the price literally half, but the quality is double!



There’s free bar every night. And, if anyone has been to Sunny Beach before they’ll be able to tell you, this is one hell of a free bar!

Drink unlimited Beer, Whisky, Rum, Gin, Amaretto, Tequila, you name it! At Room2’s all night free bar you’ll be served with doubles every time. None of this trying to slow you down and save some money nonsense you might see somewhere else. You’ve bought a ticket for a night of drinking until you can’t take anymore, Room2’s mission is to make sure you leave the venue but don’t remember it the next morning! The main event on the Sunny Beach party scene is the all night free bar and cannot be missed on a Sunny Beach party holiday.


There are tonnes of hotels that have the Sunny Beach party vibe the whole day.

We’d always recommend Cooks Club. An unbelievable atmosphere with modern hipster-like interior and decorations. With two massive pools and a resident DJ pumping out the summer tunes you’ll be lying on the sunbed with cocktail in hand thinking this is absolute bliss!

If you fancy going out that evening, you can also buy a Sunny Beach party package with your rep in the hotel!

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