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Top 5 Shots you have to try in Sunny Beach

The Fisk Shot Ingredients Vodka. Fisherman Friends Mints. A favourite in Denmark, FISK is made with a mixture of quality vodka and the Fisherman Friends Mints, blended and left to sit for a week before being served ice-cold to Sunny Beach Partygoers.The strong...

The Top 5 cocktail to try in Sunny Beach

Caipirinha If you have ever travelled to Brazil you will have definitely encountered Brazil’s national drink, if not you will be for sure be trying it in Sunny Beach this summer. The sweet-and-sour cocktail first made in the 1500s stands apart from the others due to...

5 Things you must know about the Sunny Beach nightlife scene

You’re sitting at home excited that you’ll soon be in Sunny Beach partying away. Doing your own research and asking google every night all sorts of questions. You’re asking Google the same question, just with different words! “Sunny Beach Bulgaria nightlife”, “Sunny...

The Top 5 Beach Bars in Sunny Beach

We all go on holiday to enjoy the perfect combination of sun and drink so what better place to enjoy both than at some of Sunny Beach’s top beach bars? Whilst beach bars are awesome to relax in the day with a cocktail they are also a massive part of the Sunny Beach...

Sunny Beach Virgin Guide: Top 5 Essentials for Clubbers

We’ve all been Sunny Beach virgins at some point and we’ve made the same mistakes that you are about to make. The Sunny Beach party scene is a manic experience, in general, your Sunny Beach party holiday is going to be on another level. But, we’re here to try and stop...

Looking for the best events in Sunny Beach?

Looking for an amazing party week and exciting trip abroad with friends? Then look no further than Sunny Beach Takeover – the experts in Sunny Beach nightlife and the hosts of all the top events in Sunny Beach! When you are wanting to experience everything the Sunny...

The Top 5 Sunny Beach Events

We all come to Sunny Beach for the same thing – hit the clubs and experience all the top events in Sunny Beach. The Sunny Beach events 2020 calendar is starting to shape up nicely with DJ’s, acts and celebrities set to be announced just before the season starts. We’ve...

The Ultimate Guide to Clubbing in Sunny Beach

For many people who come to Sunny Beach it’s their first time abroad or their first clubbing holiday and they’re worried about how much damage they’re going to do to their wallet. First thing is first, stop worrying, you’re coming to Sunny Beach not Ibiza. It’s more...


Your summer clubbing holiday is the highlight of the year. You’ve might have been working all year in the cold and wanting that one week of sun. Or, you’ve been pulling your hair out with stress because another exam or coursework deadline is looming. Spending a whole...





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