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5 Things you must know about the Sunny Beach nightlife scene

by | Mar 19, 2020 | News

You’re sitting at home excited that you’ll soon be in Sunny Beach partying away. Doing your own research and asking google every night all sorts of questions. You’re asking Google the same question, just with different words! “Sunny Beach Bulgaria nightlife”, “Sunny Beach Nightlife Bulgaria”, “Sunny Beach nightclubs” or “Nightlife in Sunny Beach”. You’re looking for some simple information when using all these words…

Is the Sunny Beach Nightlife as good as people say?
Sunny Beach Nightclubs – are they as mental as the newspapers say?

Well, we’re going to make it easy for you and answer all your questions by giving you the information you need right here – you can thank us later.

What’s the best Nightclub in Sunny Beach?

When you think of Sunny Beach Nightlife – think of one place, the daddy of all Sunny Beach nightclubs, DGV! Packed out every night and closing its doors at 7am when the sun is coming up, you will end up here every night of your holiday! In 2023 DGV are moving back to their original venue which they built in in 2008. Bigger and better, once again, DGV is now on steroids!!

What’s the best event on the Sunny Beach nightlife calendar?

This is a hard one to answer. The truth is, there are so many amazing events in Sunny Beach. From the Full Moon Party to #WeAreSunnyBeach or even the all night free bar there really is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a night you probably won’t even remember, the all night free bar is the one for you. If you’re wanting to be see celebrities and massive DJ’s then look no further than #WeAreSunnyBeach at the best of all the Sunny Beach nightclubs, DGV. Or, let’s not forget, if you want to see the famous Sunny Beach nightlife but under the sun, you don’t want to miss the boat party!

Whatever you choose, you’ll find all the top events in Sunny Beach bundled into the Gold Package.

How expensive are drinks in Sunny Beach?

The simple answer; not expensive at all. We’ll give you rough prices from the nightclubs in Sunny Beach.

Vodka & Mixer = 8 Lev (€4)
Bottle of Beer = 5 Lev (€3.5)
Cocktail = 10 Lev (€5)

But, when you join the Takeover events, you’ll get even cheaper prices. You’ll often get Buy-One-Get-One-Free at the venues on the Takeover Barcrawl and Traffic Light Barcrawl. Every event you go on have special discount just for you guys!

What’s the best beach bar?

There are tonnes of amazing beach bars in Sunny Beach. Many beach bars are chilled out places in the day and then a focal point for events in the evening. The beach bars are a huge part of the Sunny Beach nightlife scene.

We’d suggest you take a visit to Mexo Beach Bar, an awesome bar right in the centre with volleyball, watersports, bean bags and a day-time DJ keeping you in a good mood whilst drinking amazing cocktails. If you are looking for something a little more plush, then try Mania Beach Bar or Bedroom Beach. You can lounge on the white sofas whilst listening to house music.

What DJ’s have played at the nightclubs in Sunny Beach?

There has been so many DJ’s play in and around Sunny Beach over the past few years. With a 8km stretch of beach, there are plenty of amazing venues for world famous DJ’s to play in and continue the awesome reputation that the Sunny Beach nightlife has!

Some of the planets biggest DJ’s have performed at the world famous Cacao Beach Club in the previous few years including Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren & Carl Cox to name a few.

Other international DJ’s have played in venues in Sunny Beach including Joel Corry, Sam Divine, Mike Williams and a whole load more!

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