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5 Stag Do Activities in Sunny Beach

What is a stag do? Well, to put it simply, it’s your mates last night of freedom before he signs his life away. Spontaneous weekends away with the lads are a thing of the past as his Mrs presses him firmly under that thumb, so before reading anything more, take it...

Why should I book the Gold Events Package?

Let’s put it this way first; you’ve booked your holiday to Sunny Beach Bulgaria and you’re looking for a proper blow-out for the week you’re away – you want to have the best week away and have nights that are so good, well, you can’t actually even remember them....

Time to Takeover!

You know that feeling when it’s 4am on a Sunday morning, you feel the night is coming to an end and you know you’ll have to wait patiently until next weekend to reassemble your crew for some top partying in town?    Yes, we don’t like that feeling either! So our...
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